Career Development is a team effort.

The transition to college is intense, but with our help when sophomore year rolls around you’ll find yourself with a better understanding of what it takes to succeed and in what direction you might want to go. Developing those interests and learning more about available internships, externships, and career tracks will help you to focus your efforts so your education will pay off in the end. 

At Career EDGE we’ll coach you through the journey and help you to filter out what’s not important so you can focus on what is. We’ll mentor you through the self-discovery process and offer insight and clarity to prepare you for career success.

Active personal and professional development involves:

  • Selecting a major directly related to your personal, academic, and professional interests and goals
  • Engaging in mock interviews, résumé preparation seminars, job shadowing opportunities, and career fairs
  • Capitalizing on available internship and co-op placements, career events and programs, and job shadowing opportunities, and beginning to network in areas of interest related to your career goals
  • Identifying and participating in academic, co-curricular, and community-based learning opportunities
  • Determining whether graduate or professional school is necessary to achieve your goals
  • Evaluating your progress toward academic and career goals and making improvements as needed

Seeing Results

All IUPUI freshmen and sophomores should:

  1. Narrow down your possible majors and aim to make a choice by the end of your sophomore year.  
  2. Participate in at least one RISE (research, international, service, or experiential) experience.
  3. Continue to engage in seminars and skill development courses that help you better understand your abilities, your career interests, and the majors available at IUPUI.
  4. Strive to identify part-time work opportuntities that provide the most valuable hands-on experiences relevant to your career path.

Finding What Matters