IUPUI Career EDGE presents a roadmap and action plan to get you moving on your college progress and career track. Professional success is all about planning, preparation, and networking. Make it happen by pursuing your career interests through careful planning of your four-year college experience. 

The goal of EDGE is to demystify the career planning process by partnering with you to get you where you want to go. 

We’re focused on four main areas of academic and career planning: 

IUPUI’s urban location is the ideal spot to make rewarding connections through real-world experiences along with a solid foundation for your eventual job search. This is the power of IUPUI—you’ll earn a respected and recognized degree while at the same time getting the career experience to differentiate you from the competition.

NOTE: For careers that require additional post-grad or professional school study, you may think about undergraduate research with IUPUI faculty members—great opportunities with a great track record. Find out more through the Center for Research and Learning.