Landing “The Job” is just the first step.

We work every day to give every IUPUI student the best possible future—this means you. We’re here to help you graduate on time and land the right job to match your abilities and skill set. 

A strong career track and successful graduate school experience involves: 

  • Beginning your employment or graduate/professional school in a timely manner after graduation to show dedication and commitment
  • Pursuing and engaging in lifelong learning opportunities related to personal, academic, and professional development
  • Maintaining connections to IUPUI through IU/PU Alumni Association, serving on advisory boards, participating in campus events (e.g., guest speaking in classes), and mentoring current students 
  • Continuing to reflect and evaluate on how your post-graduate experience connects to your long-term career goals
  • Taking advantage of lifelong learning and career development opportunities offered by the IU Alumni Association and PU Alumni Association

Seeing Results

Every IUPUI graduating senior and alum should:

  1. Stay in touch and be an active part of the IUPUI community through the IU/PU Alumni Association. 
  2. Become a mentor and welcome interns.
  3. Foster a strong relationship with our career services office to remain current on hiring trends, industry openings, and networking events.

Finding What Matters