Stay on track for on-time graduation.

It all adds up, and we’ll be there to advise you, to support your job or graduate school search, to review your résumé, and to coach you through the interview process.

There are plenty of great reasons to plan to graduate in four years, but if you're a current junior or senior, this might be the best one yet: when you do, you’ll automatically qualify for a grant from IU. It’s called the Finish in Four On-Time Completion Award and it covers all increases in tuition and fees during your junior and senior years.

Finishing in four with great job prospects involves: 

  • Completing all degree requirements and applying for graduation in a timely manner
  • Showing a strong track record of real-world experience through intermediate-to-advanced internship and part-time employment
  • Securing job or graduate school offers 
  • Using the Student Electronic Portfolio to provide evidence of accomplishment to prospective employers and graduate schools
  • Assessing current strengths and weaknesses and outlining a professional development plan for after graduation
  • Constantly evaluating progress toward academic and career goals and making changes and improvements, as needed

Seeing Results

We’re dedicated to seeing you succeed by providing opportunities for you to gain real-life work experiences through internships, mentorships, and service learning opportunities. 

Every IUPUI sophomore, junior, and senior should: 

  1. Plan out and track your academic progress and welcome feedback on performance, effort, and understanding. 
  2. Fully immerse in RISE, co-curricular, and Indianapolis-based learning and work experiences. 
  3. Develop the necessary skills that will lead to great networking and interviewing outcomes. 

Finding What Matters