Workshop Descriptions

Prepare for the Fair: Non-Job Seeker

What's the key to success at a fair? Learn how to navigate a job fair, how to network, and what you can be doing now to prepare for your future. Fairs are rare opportunities to connect directly with employers to learn what they are looking for, and we’ll teach you how!

Prepare for the Fair: Job Seeker

Are you ready for the job search? We’ll teach you how to make the most of the fair. Learn about what to expect, how to research, networking basics, what to wear, and who to meet.

Salary Negotiation Workshop

Negotiating a salary is a skill, and we can teach you! Get what you’re worth by learning what a job offer includes, salary, and additional benefits that can be negotiated. Resources for salary negotiation, including how to learn what entry-level graduates make on average, will also be discussed during this workshop.  

Interviewing 101

You’ve landed an interview, now what? This workshop will help you learn how to conduct company research, how to respond to interview questions, and what types of questions to ask—and not ask. This workshop will give you an opportunity to hone your interviewing skills.

After the Fair: Next Steps for Non-Job Seekers

Attending a job fair was a great step in advancing your career. Do you know what to do next? This workshop will focus on how to continue growing your career, growing a network, and continuing to develop your skills after attending a job fair.